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PictureDeep,in the mirky depths of the ocean...

Fish are wonderful creatures. They can breathe under water through special scales on the side of their throat called gils. Fish have many different breeds, some, we do not even know exist. Everyone imagines fish to be small with fins and a tail, in fact, there are many wierd and wonderful fish out there. Such as the lantern fish, it has a tiny lantern coming off it's forehead and hanging by its mouth. This catches the eye of smaller fish and convinces them to swim right into his mouth. Not only do fish live in the ocean, they can live in rivers and lakes, ponds or even your very own fish tank!! The most common domestic fish is the gold fish, or in french the poisson rouge.

 Fish lay eggs. For example, the sharks eggs are in a tiny sack shaped like a purse. The sponge divers, in the olden days, thought these to be mermaid purses.Mammals, like us, have children born alive. There are some fish that do this like us.

Fishy Joke.

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