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Small pets are the most common for young children. You don't have to take them for walks and they're  pretty simple to buy food and homes. Below, you can see my hamsters cage. This one is probably more expensive than simple ones. Normal cages will probably have at least one floor. Hamsters or mice will access these floors by tubes or ladders. All small creatures need a warm area with plenty of bedding. This bedding can be bought in most pet shops. Rats, are a lot bigger, so they need a bigger version of cage, and are more expensive to feed!

All mice, hamsters, rats, and chipmunks, need a proper diet of fresh fruit, vegtables and water. Special food can be bought. It contains dried veggies and small biscuits. All small pets need a water bottle, this is a small bottle, with a spout at the end, containing a small ball. When the pet sucks the spout with the ball, the ball rotates, making tiny drops of water seep through.



Hamsters and mice are small and easy to lose. Don't forget to close the cage doors after playing with your pet!!

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HAMSTER DANCE - this webpage is really cute!!!! Lots of dancing hamsters.