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This is our new cat Herbie! He's 10 years old and is from a RSPCA centre! We adopted him on the 24th April. He likes you to make a fuss of him and is very friendly!

This is Jake Wayne Gilbert, my mum's friend's dog. He is 5 years old and was born on the 8th of the 11th 1997. He is a chocolate lab retriever and lives in Lewiston, Idaho USA. His favourite food is absolutely anything, although his favourite is steak bone! His favourite games are hide and seek, and fetch.

Aw poor Jakey passed away at the end of 2006 .... RIP Jakey

This is my Auntie's dog. She is called Louie. This is her on Christmas day enjoying the wrapping paper!


This is Millie. She is my Nannie's dog. She was born in March 2000. Her name was given to her because she was born in the millenium! She is a gun dog for my Grandad. She lives in Kent, UK.

This is my hamster Toffee. I also have his twin, he is called Crisp. (Toffee Crisp, the chocolate bar!) He is nearly a year old. He is a russian snow dwarf, which means during winter he goes nearly white. He likes to climb up the side of his cage and monkey swing across the top, then hang in the middle and chew the bars on the top of the cage!

Aw poor Toffee & Crisp - they are sadly passed away now ... rest in peace little boys

This is Wanda, my Nan's other dog, she is a rescue dog, so we don't really know how old she is, but we think about three years old. She is a something cross with a greyhound, as she is very fast! She is more of a lap dog than an outside dog like Millie or Jake.

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