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This is Breeze. He is known by many people as breeze block. He is a 1 year old siberian hamster. His favourite treat is a piece of fudge. He loves it when he is taken out of his cage and played with!!

This is Jade. She is 8 years old. Her favorite food is pedigree chums. Her favourite game is catching the stick, not bringing it back and then chewing it up!!!!

This is Crystal. She is a 2 year old dolphin and lives in Jamaica. Her favourite food is fish and her favourite game is kissing.

This is honey dog. Shes 1 years old. She is a red nose pit bull. Her owner got her last year at the pound when she was just a few weeks old. In this picture shes resting from her day at the dog park.

Bedlington Terrier

This is Jake. He is a 6 year old Bedlington Terrier but was just 3 months old in this picture.

On being asked "Oi! What on Earth are you doing with that bucket!?" the head lowered, the back arched up, tail between the legs ............ and just look at that butter-wouldn't-melt puppy dog look!

This is Kobie and Sprout. Sprout is two years old, and he is a Griffon Brussel. Kobie is a Golden Reitervier. They both live in Tucson AZ. U.S.A.

This is Merc aka Mercedes. He is a three year
old Norwegian Fjord gelding.

Merc is the most popular horse on the yard and everybody knows him.....whether they like it or not! Merc always lets you know where he is, and greeted our camera with a high pitched whinny and proceeded to buck and gallop around the field. What a show off!!

This is Sox, he is a G.S.P (German Short-Haired Pointer). He is 2 months old and lives in the U.K. He loves to eat anything and his favourite game is football!


This is my cat Alan. He is 14 years old. That's 98 in human years! He is a Somali. His favourite food is whiskas seafood selection. He can be rather stupid. He has no sense of smell and doesn't bother looking out for cars.

He has a magnet on his collar to get into his catflap and always gets it caught on his metal water bowl. He ends up dragging it around the house off his neck spilling water EVERYWHERE. He is very furry and always gets fluff all over my bed. But really, he's quite cute!

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