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I'm sure some of you are wondering what on earth an Amphibian is... Well, Amphibians are animals somewhere between fish and reptiles. They are dependant upon water, but can walk on land. Amphibians include frogs, toads, newts and salamanders.


Frogs are small creatures that live near or in ponds and wet areas. They give off a scent which can contain toxins. They eat insects including earthworms, spiders, and bees. Frogs live about 6 years. Fogs lay a kind of goo with lots of little black dots in it. This is called frogspawn. The frogspawn floats on the surface of the water, until the black dots (eggs) start hatching. Here is the life-cycle of the frog.

1. The frog lays lots of tiny eggs called frogspawn. They flat on the surface of the water. If one egg dies it turns white. The remaing eggs hatch anything from 6-21 days being born!

5. The final stage! The frog is fully grown and will now mate and breed its own frogspawn! And so the cycle goes on.

4. The legged tadpole has grown alot when it is 12 weeks old and starts to look like a young frog or froglet. It still has a little stub of a tail

2. Once the egg has hatched, it turns into a tadpole. The tadpole stays still in the frogspwan for about 7 days until it starts swimming around.

3. After about 9 weeks, the tadpole grows legs. These tadpoles eat small insects and plants.