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General Cat Info

Cats are very easy to look after. They practically look after themselves!  But remember, although they don't need to be looked after as much as a dog,  don't ignore them!! All animals are living creatures and if you don't care about your cat enough it will run away. Cats can become annoying (like mine!) They malt all over your clothes,  leave dirty footprints all over the end of your bed and they usually meow their heads off at you for food!! But if you really love your cat that wont matter! For more information... check out our "Cat Care" guide by clicking here.

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What do cat's sound like? Click on the note above to find out...


If you have a persian breed of cat make sure you brush through their hair at least once a day. Shorthair cats only need to be brushed once a week to keep their fur soft, glossy and untangled. Treat your cat's coat like you would treat your own hair. For more info on cat care click here.


Cats are good company, and, if your house is infested with mice they'll make sure they're all gone. Cats will never leave 'presents' in your shoe as they are clean and healthy animals. People who stay at home most of the time should have a cat.


Cat food is cheap and easy to find so there's no need to worry about that. Your cat should have a bowl for food and a bowl for water. It is wise to have your cats bowl in the kitchen or a non-carpeted area (as cats have a tendency to be a little messy). A mat is also useful. Some cat's like meat in jelly/gravy which you can buy in tins. Some prefer dry biscuits.

Cat flaps

Cat flaps are a good way to allow your cat in and out of your house. To make sure your cat does'nt get lost,  put a collar on it. A new "micro-chipping" scheme can be done at your local vets. This process is where a tiny chip is implanted into the neck of your cat. It holds your identity and contact information. Vets can scan for the micro-chip and soon return your cat to you if it gets lost. It costs about 20 and is very useful. I recommend you do this.

Look at this sweet little tabby cat!