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Abyssinian's have a close association with wild cats. They are very playful and active. Their fur is thin and short.

American bobtails have a semi-long coat. Males are often alot larger than females. They have a freindly personality but can be aggresive amongst strangers.

American curls is named after its uncommon ears. They curl backwards rather than standing up straight. Some are longhair and some are short-hair.

American shorthairs are the commonest cats. They enjoy to eat more than some othere cats so it is important they get good exercise or they can become overweight.

American wirehairs are named after their springy hair which is almost "crimped". These cats are very atheletic and strong. They enjoy exercise throught play.

Asian cats are only found in semi-long and short-hair varietes. They are very playful cats.

The Australian Mist comes from Australia and was found in the 1980's. Its original name was the "Spotted Mist". They are only ever short-hairs.